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Hi! I’m Moe!
A Massachusetts wedding photographer for couples that are not only fun-loving and full of laughter but are REALLY looking forward to the party with friends and family!

Getting engaged and then married is such an exciting time in your relationship and you should enjoy every minute. I’m here to capture the little moments, all the emotions and the crazy dance moves you didn’t know your friend had in them.

Wedding planning can be a whirlwind of emotions and you’re probably thinking I just want to have fun on my wedding day! My main focus is to get to know you both and listen to exactly what YOU want captured. When you choose me to be your wedding photographer, we’ll craft a plan that doesn’t feel like you’ll be tied up doing photographs the entire day. I promise you’ll be at the party and on the dance floor in no time!

Most importantly, my hope is that I provide you with an AMAZING EXPERIENCE that will leave you feeling comfortable right from the start! I have a whole process that makes sure your images are meaningful to you and your wedding day. And when you look back through your wedding album years from now, you will be flooded with the wonderful memories of that night!

Ready to Love Your wedding pictures?

What Makes me different?

Massachusetts Wedding Photographer

I don’t take every wedding that comes my way. Wait what? Yes, it’s important to me that you choose someone whose photography style is one you connect with. As well as someone you get along with and will make you feel comfortable on your wedding day. When all these things are true, we create gorgeous wedding images together. I try to create an experience so that the end result is that you feel like I captured every moment and you LOVE your pictures.

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Meet Maureen…

Please call me Moe!

I’m a Massachusetts wedding photographer but equally love photographing Senior Sessions and Extended Family Sessions! I believe in experiences, not only for how they make you feel, but also what memories you take from them…

WEdding Photography INformation

I want to make sure you love all your wedding photos!
Take a look at the links below.
If you love what you’re seeing, then inquire to see if we’ll be a great fit!

01 | Portfolio

To get started, check out my portfolio and see if you love the wedding images you’re seeing.

02 | Blog

Next, check out the blogs and see recent weddings. It’ll give you a feel for what my work looks like on a full wedding day!

03 | Pricing

Check out the process and pricing page to see what is included.
Packages start at $3600.

04 | INquire

Finally, contact me to see if we’re a great fit! I often customize packages to fit my couples needs, so I go over ALL pricing and what’s included during the consultation.

Looking for other photography?

Although most of my year is spent capturing gorgeous Massachusetts weddings as well as across New England, I do offer others types of photography!
I absolutely adore Senior Sessions and since I’m so used to photographing large families at weddings; I specialize in Extended Family Photography as well.
If you’re looking for something you didn’t find mentioned, please reach out!

Massachusetts Senior Photographer


Congratulations it’s your senior year! Let’s get that session scheduled that shows off your unique personality!

Massachusetts engagement photographer


You just got engaged!! Congrats! Let’s schedule your session to celebrate!

Cape Cod Beach Vacation Photographer


Being a wedding photographer, I love when families are all together! Which is why I offer extended family sessions…

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Looking for fun wedding pictures?

Please know, our business is inclusive and welcoming to all races, sexual orientations, gender identities, and religions.
We believe all are equal and we cherish diversity.

Are you Searching for a mAssachusetts wedding photographer that…

From the first meeting listens to exact what you are looking for in your images?

I could shoot a million weddings. Just show up and shoot the wedding and take off. But why am I doing this as my job then?? That sounds like burnout to me and not someone who actually cares about the wedding they are photographing that day!
I want to know you and why you want me to capture your wedding day!
What drew you in when you looked at the portfolio- that’s usually the types of images you can see yourself in! As I go through the day I want to have the vision in my head of what you are looking for in your images.
Massachusetts weddings are so unique and the venues even more so… all the seasons and different types of locations. Having been born and raised here, moved, and moved back- I wanted to be a wedding photographer in Massachusetts again. So I’m looking to find out what are the reasons you’re getting married here and why you chose that venue!

Creates a timeline that fits your wedding and can rearrange in a heartbeat if needed?

When hair and make up are asking when they need to be done by… we’ve already got that timeline set up! So they can manage their schedule and we all stay on track.
When you get married in Massachusetts and New England, you know the weather can change in an instant… our timeline allows for that!
When you love the look of your venue at night… we already have the night shot scheduled!

Can wrangle all those family images, so you can either get to some YOU time or hit up cocktail hour?

We go over how many family images you want to take and how long it’ll take to make sure we get them all in! This is the one time of day where I take full control of the situation to make sure this is as smooth as possible!
Have little ones in the wedding? I have a 5 year old! I get it! Sometimes the meltdowns come at that craziest times…so I do what I can to get that one shot where everyone is looking. Don’t stress though… regardless of what happens, it makes for a great story to tell at their wedding 😉

Will bring a second photographer that also shoots weddings and have the same values that I do for capturing a wedding day?

I work with other Massachusetts wedding photographers to come be my second photographer, to make sure that we have a backup plan! God forbid somethings happens on the wedding day and I can’t be there… I got you covered! I include a second in all my packages for peace of mind, but always because I know they will capture gorgeous images in your wedding day!

From finding those bustle loops, putting your veil in correctly, getting you waters/food, reminding you to breathe, and giving you 5 minutes after your married to just enjoy each other?

On the Big Day I am not just a wedding photographer! Basically I am a jack of all trades. What do you need? What can I help with? I know the look of I just need someone else that’s not family or in the bridal party right now or I just need a minute. At this point, I hope you’re comfortable enough with me to be open and honest and I’ll try to handle whatever comes up! I have seen way to many things at weddings, so I’m not sure there’s something that can surprise me at this point!

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