Maureen Russell Photography is a modern wedding and portrait studio based in Norton, Massachusetts.


Have you seen that moment when a couple is singing to each other or belting out the chorus during their first dance… Click.

And they are melting into each others arms, embracing and smiling… Click.

Then the room fades away and they are totally in their own world enjoying each other… Click.

right there is why I do wedding photography. I feel every moment with you as I capture the raw emotion of a wedding day.


Ready to feel comfortable in front of the camera?
Spend more time laughing than in stiff poses?
Get to your cocktail hour?
Enjoy your guests?
Grab an epic sunset picture before your party gets started?

Well then I think you’re in the right place! I love candids to capture so much of the day, with direction for some pretty formals shots and of course family photos… but when it comes time to get the party started, you’ll see me dancing between guests to capture all the crazy moments that happen along the way!


I have been photographing weddings since 2013 and when we moved to North Carolina in 2015, I left Corporate America to fulfill my passion for photography. There I learned from the best, had amazing couples and LOVED every minute of the weddings I photographed. NOW I am back in Massachusetts and I’m photographing all over New England as of 2019.

I’m a Boston sports loving, Harry Potter/Game of Thrones/Marvel watching, sitting on the beach with a drink in my hand kinda gal. Our dog is named Bruin and she’s a 10 year old chocolate lab that still acts like she’s a puppy! My son Lukas was born in 2017 and upon moving home he fell in love with the game of hockey… so he must be a Northern boy at heart - right?? And my husband John is all kinds of supportive to which he’ll even jump in the woods or climbs trees and rocks so that my lighting is where I need it. He puts up with my crazy and I love him more every day.

If you'd like more information on portraits, please see these pages.

My Loves in Life...

My world... John and Luke

My world... John and Luke

Our world... Sweet girl Bruin

Our world... Sweet girl Bruin

My fuel... Coffee aaand Prosecco ;)

My fuel... Coffee aaand Prosecco ;)